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ACT, short for American College Testing, is a standardized college admissions test in the United States produced by ACT, Inc.




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Socrato has been stupendous. We work with loads of people and [Socrato] ranks among the most attentive that I’ve worked with. I call them, they’re right there, they are always upbeat…this is where they’ve been really great, they’ve helped us to recognize what we haven’t seen…been very helpful in allowing us to get into the game. In SAT terms I’ll have to give them a close to an 800. 'Sam




  • Tens of thousands of students have benefitted by using Socrato.
  • Numerous schools use Socrato to improve student performance.
  • World leading tutoring centers use Socrato to create custom diagnostic test reports to improve student performance, increase efficiency, and increase their number of students.


Socrato is an independent technology company and is not associated with the ACT or endorsed by them. To learn more about the ACT test visit the official ACT website.




Socrato Test Library for ACT




Released ACT Tests

Socrato can process a large number of retired and released ACT Tests, tests from a large number of books, and many custom tests created by our users.





Custom Tests


If you have a custom test you have developed for ACT practice, you can upload it onto the Socrato platform for students to practice.

All tests are private unless a customer has explicitly given Socrato permission to share it with other customers.







ACT test is conducted multiple times in a year. College Board releases real exams via different means.


  • ACT Org publishes a preparation information booklet which contains one full length practice exam. This booklet is available for download from their website. Many historical booklets may be available on number of document sharing sites.
  • ACT Org publishes an Official Guide (preparation book) which has a number of released exams or questions from released tests. This book can be purchased from various sources.
  • Every year students who are preparing for the ACT exam can get a copy of the actual test.
  • For tutors and schools ACT Org sells the booklets of released tests. They can be purchased in bulk directly from ACT.











How to Process ACT Tests Using the Socrato Software

When it comes to processing tests, users and organizations of different sizes have different needs. Socrato has created several methods for processing tests. Choose the one that matches your personal and organization's needs best:


Online Bubble Sheet

(For Students & Tutors)

Socrato has online "smart" bubblesheets that can be used to capture student answer responses.

Students can use the online bubblesheets while taking the test or after their test is completed on paper.



Bulk upload

(For Tutors & Schools)

Many of our customers are able to produce a digital output of their student response data.

Using Socrato's upload tool they can process all student responses.



Scanner Service

(For Tutors & Schools)

Because many K-12 and admissions prep tests are still paper and pencil based, student responses are captured on paper bubblesheets.

Socrato has created a utility service that allows you to process tests in bulk using a conventional office scanner.

Learn more about scanning services here.




Diagnostic Report

Student Diagnostic Report

Socrato diagnostic reports for the ACT test come with a series of charts and graphs that provide a detailed analysis of the student’s performance for the test as a whole as well as for each subject area.

Our learning analytics software enables students and educators to drill down by topic area to identify a student's strengths and weaknesses.

Download a Full Sample ACT Diagnostic Report

To see the explanation of all graphs and report details please refer to Socrato Help

To see the detail about student reports Download Full Sample ACT Diagnostic Report.

Class Diagnostic Reports

Our learning analytics software enables tutors & school to analyze the performance of whole class or group of students from number of dimensions. Class reports include

  • Subject areas performance
  • Performance by difficulty level, question type
  • Score Summary
  • Student Comparison
  • Pre / Post Comparison
  • Question Response Distribution
  • and lot more etc.

To see more details about Class Reports click here.





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