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Socrato SAT vs ACT Comparison Tool

The Majority of Students will Score Higher on either the SAT or ACT

Deciding to take the correct test may help students get into their school of choice.  

The SAT vs ACT Comparison Tool:

  • Easy way to find an exam to prepare.
  • Analyzes the actual ACT and SAT complete test performance.
  • Students get real test-taking experience.
  • It helps in exam decision-making and test preparation.

How does Comparison Tool Work?

  • Create Socrato Account
  • Find the SAT and ACT which you took or plan to take.
  • Process the test using Socrato bubble sheet processing methods.
  • Select both the individual student report of both tests.
  • Generate SATvsACT diagnostic report.

The SAT vs ACT Comparison Tool Report:

  • Instant seven pages diagnostic Report.
  • It provides the recommendation of the preferred test as per actual test scores.
  • Provides a subject-by-subject comparison of SAT and ACT performance.
  • It pinpoints the strengths and weakness of both the exams Subject topics.

Customer Testimonial

The SAT vs ACT Diagnostic is a must-have for all students as they start the college process. I have been providing guidance for students for over twenty years and up until I found this diagnostic test the answer to the question of "Which test should I take?" was never easy. I have been using this test with all of my clients and find the information provided invaluable. I finally have definitive information when discussing standardized testing. After reviewing the nine-page report with them both student and parent feel confident in the direction they should pursue. I highly recommend this diagnostic test for all students. Henry DelAngelo Founder - Your Key to College


Socrato Test Library for SAT vs ACT Comparison Tool


SAT vs ACT Comparison Tool and Report

Socrato currently supports SAT vs ACT comparison tests which available from our content providers. Tests are available as an independent purchase for self-practice or along with services purchase. For more information on content, the provider contacts us here.

How to Process Tests Using the Socrato Software

When it comes to processing tests, users and organizations of different sizes have different needs. Socrato has created several methods for processing tests. Choose the one that matches your personal and organization's needs best:


Online Bubble Sheet

(For Students & Tutors)

Socrato has online "smart" bubblesheets that can be used to capture student answer responses.

Students can use the online bubblesheets while taking the test or after their test is completed on paper.



Bulk upload

(For Tutors & Schools)

Many of our customers are able to produce a digital output of their student response data.

Using Socrato's upload tool they can process all student responses.



Scanner Service

(For Tutors & Schools)

Because many K-12 and admissions prep tests are still paper and pencil based, student responses are captured on paper bubblesheets.

Socrato has created a utility service that allows you to process tests in bulk using a conventional office scanner.

Learn more about scanning services here.




Comparison Report

SAT vs. ACT comparison report is seven pages which include an equivalent score for both exams as per the score. Test recommendation, test content comparison, test categories, and side-by-side Subject and topic analysis comparison. With comparison results student, will get an insight into both the test. The students will be able to decide which test to prepare for. Our learning analytics software enables students and educators to drill down by topic area to identify a student's strengths and weaknesses. With comparison results student, will get insight into both the test. The student will also be able to decide which test to take. Download a Full Sample SAT/ACT Diagnostic Report To learn what other student diagnostic reports are available click here. To see the explanation of all graphs and report detail please refer to Socrato Help To see the detail about student reports Download Full Sample SAT/ACT Diagnostic Report. To learn more about ACT/SAT test please contact us here To see more details on Class Reports click here.
SAT/ACT Diagnostic Report

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