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Socrato SAT vs ACT Custom Test

The Majority of Students will Score Higher on either the SAT or ACT

Deciding to take the correct test may help students get into their school of choice.  

The SAT vs ACT Test:

  • Discover which test (SAT/ACT) is more aligned with your learning style.
  • Invest effort in better-aligned tests and get higher scores.
  • Increase chances of gaining admission into a student’s top choice college.

Customer Testimonial

The SAT vs ACT Diagnostic is a must-have for all students as they start the college process. I have been providing guidance for students for over twenty years and up until I found this diagnostic test the answer to the question of "Which test should I take?" was never easy. I have been using this test with all of my clients and find the information provided invaluable. I finally have definitive information when discussing standardized testing. After reviewing the nine-page report with them both student and parent feel confident in the direction they should pursue. I highly recommend this diagnostic test for all students. Henry DelAngelo Founder - Your Key to College



SAT vs ACT Custom Test and Test Processing

Custom SAT vs ACT Tests As the Socrato is a universal platform any test can be configured in the system. If the academy owner has their own SAT vs. ACT and would like to have diagnostic reports and bulk processing, they can configure in Socrato. This test will be flagged as a private test and will have access to only the academy owner. The test can be configured for both version online and paper tests. If you are interested in configuring your SAT vs. ACT test please contact us here.

The Custom SAT vs ACT Diagnostic Report:

  • Provides test recommendations as per test performance analysis.
  • Provides a side-by-side comparison of SAT and ACT performance.
  • Pinpoints the topics and concepts that need attention.
  • Helps create a road-map for excelling on the actual exam.

Individual and Bulk Test processing

When it comes to processing tests, users and organizations of different sizes have different needs. Socrato has created several methods for processing tests. Choose the one that matches your personal and organization's needs best:


Online Bubble Sheet

(For Students & Tutors)

Socrato has online "smart" bubblesheets that can be used to capture student answer responses.

Students can use the online bubblesheets while taking the test or after their test is completed on paper.



Bulk upload

(For Tutors & Schools)

Many of our customers are able to produce a digital output of their student response data.

Using Socrato's upload tool they can process all student responses.



Scanner Service

(For Tutors & Schools)

Because many K-12 and admissions prep tests are still paper and pencil based, student responses are captured on paper bubblesheets.

Socrato has created a utility service that allows you to process tests in bulk using a conventional office scanner.

Learn more about scanning services here.




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