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Compare Socrato with Other tutor Services

How We Compare with Other Services

The best way to assess how prepared and knowledgeable students are for their test is to have them take a previously retired or released test created by the examination organizations themselves, and then analyze their answer responses to create performance reports. This is because the real/official tests will most closely resemble the test students will see on their test day. Why use test prep materials that are of unknown quality?

The Socrato Advantage

Socrato recommends that tutors and educators first have their students practice using retired or released tests from College Board, ACT, Inc., and other agencies. We then make it easy for you to run diagnostics analyses on the results. While we do not sell, distribute, or copy the tests themselves, practice exams and study materials are widely and inexpensively available, and from there we can generate all the test performance data you will need. The time it normally takes tutors or students to score, grade, and analyze tests, and then create an action plan can span anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more for each student practice session. With Socrato, your students or admin staff can quickly enter test answers using our online bubble sheets software. Or you can bulk upload multiple test results from a bubble form scanner output (Excel spreadsheet). Either way, Socrato scores and analyzes the results online so that you can review each student’s strengths and weaknesses on every test. You can even upload your own tests and study materials.

Use Real Released Tests, Get Real Insights, Spend More Time with Students

You can eliminate the busy work of manually scoring exams and preparing reports -- and gain more quality time to focus on each student’s requirements.

How Socrato is Different


Other Online Services


  • Designed for students, tutors, and academics who want to practice for exams using released and retired tests.
  • Uses diagnostic analytical reports created and used by leading professional tutors and teachers worldwide.
  • Often deliver only generic or “one-size-fits-all” services, as a single set of content is commonly used for all users.
  • Maybe competitor tutoring companies.
  • Reports may be limited to simple scoring and basic analysis.

Study Materials

  • Uses study materials from the testing agencies themselves and your own sources.
  • Let's you upload your own tests and study materials.
  • May only allow you to use their own proprietary study materials.


  • Supplements paper- and book-based learning with online analytical performance reports.
  • Supports both online and offline test-taking.
  • May provide no offline test-taking experience similar to the actual exams.
  • Testing and grading may be only online.