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Socrato Feature Benefits for Students

Features & Benefits




Test Material





  • Online Processing & Diagnostics for Retired & Released Tests
  • Large Test Processing Library
  • Large Question Bank


  • Choose from a large list of admission exams and tests from the last several years that can be processed online
  • Practice using full tests or sections from tests
  • Choose from our large library of pre-created tests for various subjects
  • Choose tests for grade levels 3 to 10
  • Leverage Socrato’s large database of quality questions based on actual state standardized exams, and create custom practice tests on the fly to suit your studying needs


Results Capture



  • Practice Online or Offline
  • Grade Paper Bubble Sheet Online


  • For tests with online questions, practice the test online or print tests for offline studying on the go
  • Saves you time by scoring tests in a fraction of the time it takes to score manually
  • Reports make it clear what to work on next


Advanced Reporting





  • Actionable Diagnostic & Performance Reports
  • Full Test & Section Test Analysis

View Details of Student Reports


  • Quickly and easily pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses by section, topic or subtopic
  • Learn what question types cost you the most points
  • Track your progress over time
  • Take a full test to simulate the real test
  • Take section tests to focus on individual subjects and still get the same actionable diagnostic

Download Sample Diagnostic Report