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Compare Socrato with Other Student Services

How Socrato Compares with Other Services

One of the best ways to prepare for a standardized test is to use a real previously retired or released test created by the examination organizations themselves. Why pay more for study materials that are of unknown quality?

The Socrato Advantage

With Socrato you can process and run diagnostic reports on retired, released, and practice exams from College Board, ACT, Inc., and other agencies. While we do not sell, distribute, or copy these exams, practice exams and study materials are widely and inexpensively available from these agencies and other sources. Some tests are available free for download from the agencies as samples. You can also borrow retired tests from friends and local libraries. Test books and study materials are available both online and local bookstores for as little as $15. The problem with these released tests is that many do not have a quality scoring and diagnostic processing system. The time it takes to score, grade, and analyze tests - and create study plans based on the results - can span anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more for exams like the SAT or ACT. Interpreting the results and knowing where to focus your study next can be a cumbersome and daunting task. Even then, students and parents may be left with only a vague idea of where to turn next. Socrato makes it easy!

Practice Released Tests, Get Real Insights, Improve Score, and Save Money

Socrato’s advanced scoring and performance reports offer you a cost-effective solution. Quickly enter your answers using our online bubble sheets software and let Socrato score and analyze the results automatically. With Socrato's help, you will have more time to practice additional tests, prepare more efficiently, and improve your scores faster. Plus you’ll have extra money to set aside for college!

How Socrato is Different

Private Tutor

Other Online Services



  • Designed for students who need a highly customized solution
  • Works for students who need help and direction for focus
  • Helps students who need support to stay motivated and practice
  • Money is not an issue
  • May only provide generic or “one-size-fits-all” services, if a single set of content is used for all students
  • Many tests do not accurately reflect real tests
  • Scoring of tests may not reflect the true score as scores may artificially show student progress
  • May mostly use proprietary test and study content
  • Designed for students who know what they need and want to customize their study
  • Practice and run diagnostic reports using retired, released, or custom tests
  • Supplements paper- and book-based learning with online analysis
  • Optimizes your study time and uses the study materials you are most comfortable with
  • Uses diagnostic analyses created and used by leading professional tutors and teachers worldwide
  • Provides the best value

Exams & Study Materials

  • Uses retired, released, and private tests and study materials
  • Sessions typically provided in-home or classroom
  • May only use private online tests
  • All testing and grading may be online online
  • May only use proprietary study materials
  • Processes real released and retired tests from testing agencies or proprietary tests
  • All grading and reporting is online
  • Allows you to use study materials from the testing agencies and other sources you are comfortable with.

Typical Cost

$300 and up $50 – $300 Under $50