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ACT Test Score CalculatorBecause we frequently receive inquires for ACT Diagnostic Analysis and Reporting, we’ve decided to make the ACT the next test we support as part of our “Companion Series” diagnostic reporting suite.  We know that tutors and students have to deal with the drawn-out scoring process for each ACT test. For experienced tutors, scoring student practice tests has become second nature, but it’s still not straight forward.

The entire scoring and scaling process is scattered across 13 pages for each test in the official guide. If you step back, and look at the entire process of scoring the ACT, it reminds me of filling out an annual tax return.

While you wait for us to incorporate the ACT into Socrato as a simple, efficient, and more effective tool, we thought we’d provide a barebones excel tool in the meantime.

This simple spreadsheet “ACT Scoring Tool” does not reduce the effort by much (as you still have to do the majority of manual lookups and calculations) but it does add value. The spreadsheet tool

  • Simplifies the process of capturing the data. All calculations and results are captured on 1 page – instead of 7.
  • Does some of the calculations and validations (in your manual worksheet process there is no way to know if you missed the questions in your count)
  • Does some interesting and baseline analysis – e.g. What is the point impact of each wrong / missed question
  • Makes data visual by automatically generating graphs

Since we’re in the midst of incorporating the ACT into Socrato, please send along any suggestions and feature requests.  Our ultimate vision is to create the best diagnostic analysis for the ACT.  To see how the process will work, watch the Socrato Overview video. If you want to know what the diagnostic analysis will look like, see the equivalent SAT Diagnostic analysis report.

If you are a Tutor and need to do the calculations for an ACT assessment test again and again, drop us an email at info@socrato.com and we will be happy to send you a copy of the current tool for free. All we expect in return is some feedback and encouragement.