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Real ACT test prepTutors who teach ACT exam prep and Students who are preparing for the ACT exam, feel the pain of ACT test grading, scoring, and scaling. The process requires reasonable manual effort which is prone to error, and is time away from real work (study or tutoring).

We recently published the details for an ACT Score calculator. After iteration we are now making it available for direct download from Learning Analytics blog (blog.socrato.com). This ACT Score calculator simplifies the grading and analysis process for ACT practice tests. The calculator was designed for Real ACT Test Prep Guide but it can be used with other ACT test prep guides.

The ACT Test Score or ACT composite score calculator – captures, tracks, and performs following ACT test score calculations and analysis.

  • Correct, incorrect, and omitted question count for ACT practice test
  • ACT full scaled score
  • ACT composite score calculation
  • ACT percentile rank
  • ACT subscore scaled score
  • ACT point cost at composite score level for each subject area
  • Point cost per question for each subject area
  • ACT point cost at subscore level
  • ACT combined English and writing score

If you are interested in getting a very detailed diagnostic and score analysis for your ACT test practice session, you can also try Socrato’s ACT Diagnostic Analysis Software which greatly reduces the effort on tutors and students. Here is the sample diagnostic report for test practice.

You can download the calculator here.