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Bubblesheet Grading Just Got Easier!

If you didn’t think bubblesheet grading was easy enough, we just took it to the next level; bubblesheet scanning! Socrato now has the technology to scan our own paper bubblesheets and grade them instantly, making your life a whole lot easier. We even compile all of the data into one simple file.

With the launch of this service we can provide scanning for any of our supported ACT practice exams. We will be adding support for the SAT practice exams and other custom exams such as SAT vs. ACT in the coming weeks. So please stay tuned!

How does it work?

It is so easy! Just download one of our free exam bubblesheet templates and print out the number of copies you need. Once your students have taken the test and filled their answers onto the bubblesheet choose one of the “no sweat” options below.

Option 1: We’ll do it all for you!

Kick back, relax and let us do all of the work. Just mail us the bubblesheets via USPS or FedEx and we’ll take care of everything for you. We’ll scan and process the bubblesheets and email you a digital file with all your student responses. It only costs $1.00 per bubblesheet, with a minimum order of $50 (plus the cost of mailing the sheets back to you). There is a quick 3 business day turn around time for processing once we receive your package. This means you can have 100s of bubblesheets graded and back in your hand before meeting with your students again, all without lifting a finger! If you are a Socrato software user, your data will be available in your account so you can generate some of our nifty diagnostic reports.

Option 2: You scan, We Grade.

If you’re more of a “Do-It-Yourself” kind of person or you are simply running on a shorter time-line, then this is the option for you! Simply use your regular home or office scanner to scan the bubblesheets into PDF format. Once your PDF is ready, email it to us at info@socrato.com and we’ll process the bubblesheets for you within 3 business days. This option only costs you $0.50 per sheet (with a minimum order of $25). We will email you back your student responses by question as a digital file, or, if you are a Socrato paying customer all of the student data can be made available to you in you Socrato account online so you can generate performance and scoring reports!

So, why would I want my bubblesheets scanned anyway?

It’s simple! It saves you lots of time and money click here for more. The hours you would have spent grading each individual test can now be used for more tutoring sessions. While we process your test for you, you can be working with other students. More importantly it allows you to grade a lot of student answer sheets in bulk!

If you don’t have a Socrato membership yet, don’t worry! You will receive all of your data compiled into one Excel file (.cvs format) with your students responses by question. You can even get an in-depth analysis of your data in one of our Premium Reports just by signing up for a membership today. Check out our Plans & Pricing page for more information.


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